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Tips for When You Don't Like Your Job

Tips for When You Don't Like Your Job

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Your career is a big part of your life and how you spend quite a bit your time, so you want it to be something that (more often than not) you enjoy. If going into the office feels like drudgery and you’re at a point where you truly dislike your job, it is time to reassess the situation. Finding a new role isn’t always the solution, but instead, try taking simple steps to improve your work life. In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons people dislike their jobs and what to do about it.


You’re Stagnant

If each day at work feels like Groundhog Day, the monotony of your work life can keep you from feeling energized and inspired. Finding yourself in this situation, however, is not a reason to necessarily find a new job. See if there are new things you can do within your role or if there's an opportunity for growth at your company. Maybe you can learn a new skill that would benefit your career and that you could implement into your current role. If that's not an option, perhaps it’s time to talk to your boss to see if there is room for more creativity in your role and adding an aspect that excites you and makes you excited to head into work in the morning.


Work Burnout

This past year and a half has been a lot for everyone and that coupled with overworking or working in a high-pressure environment can quickly lead to workplace burnout. If your work is taking a toll on your personal life and well-being, it’s a clear indicator to change your work situation. Consider taking a long-deserved vacation and talking with your manager about your lack of work-life balance and come up with a game plan to lighten your workload to something manageable for you.


Toxic Work Environment

If the reason you dread going into the office is due to having to be around your manager or co-workers, you’re likely working in an unhealthy work environment. Some other signs of a toxic work environment include high employee turnover, office gossip and cliques, and bad communication. The constant stress and negativity of such an environment are likely not to change overnight. In this situation, it may be best to look for a new job.


A Change in Management

Who you report to every day and the type of relationship you have with that person can be a big determining factor in how you feel about your job. Ideally, you’ll work for someone who makes you feel supported, motivated, and secure in your role. On the contrary, working for someone who you disagree with and who you don’t feel supported by can be frustrating and disheartening. Each situation will be different so you’ll have to assess what is right for you and what you can live with and what you can’t tolerate. If your new manager is abusive or disrespectful, you’ll want to speak with HR and look elsewhere for a role. Otherwise, if it’s someone you feel you can repair the relationship with, give it time and see if you can find a work style and communication that is healthy and productive.

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