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Top Technology Jobs for 2020

Top Technology Jobs for 2020

Author: Chris Alex /Tuesday, January 07, 2020/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Technology

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A new decade is upon us, and for some that might mean a new job. One of the best markets to be in if you are considering a new role is technology. The IT market continues to be on the rise and 2020 will be no different. In today’s blog we take a look at some of the hottest IT roles for the upcoming year.

Data Scientist
Data scientists are one of the leading jobs when it comes to the tech industry because companies are quickly learning that optimizing the usage and analysis of the data they posses is crucial to business operations and growth. Most data scientists focus on statistics and programming to help companies scrape through outdated datasets and create tools to reveal patterns.

Database Administrator
Database Administrators can encompass a wide variety of jobs within the industry, and is an extremely popular position this year. Database Admins backup systems to prevent data loss in the case of a power outage or other detrimental event. It’s not hard to understand why these positions are important and companies are constantly searching for the best candidates to do this work.

UX Designer
User Experience Designers continue to make an impact when it comes to trending tech jobs, as the demand for UX Designers remains strong. UX Designers are responsible for translating the functionality of a product or website into a creative display of those products. UX Designers cover a wide range of duties with average salary ranges that correlate.

Security Engineer
With continuous developments in IT security threats and cyberattacks, Security Engineers also find themselves as one of the top jobs in 2020. Security Engineers play the extremely essential role of planning for, and carrying out security measures to protect a company or organization’s computer networks and systems from infiltration and cyberattacks.

Software Developer
Software developers are tasked with designing, implementing, testing, and managing software programs. They are familiar with coding in Java, Python, C#/.Net,  Mean, and Ruby.

While a plethora of jobs continue to drive the demand in IT, these roles will be some of the highest in demand for 2020.


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Chris Alex
Chris Alex

Chris Alex

Chris comes with 10+ years of Specialized Staffing industry experience and he has placed 400+ Professionals in various markets.

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Chris comes with 10+ years of Specialized Staffing industry experience and he has placed 400+ Professionals in various markets. He is a multi "Reach for the Stars (both Chairman's Club and President's Club)" Winner and he prides himself in having a high level of ethics while providing his clients with the highest level of service possible.


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